Stem Cells & Regenerative Research


The movie is a rat myocardium imaging under multiphoton fluorescence microscope. Rat was injected with tdTomato labeled induced vascular progenitor cells (iVPCs) which were partially reprogrammed from vascular endothelial cells and the rat went 10 days’ short episode of Repetitive Ischemia protocol to stimulate the coronary collateral growth. iVPCs was shown in red. The image was created from background subtraction of the myocardium to highlight the image of the vessel in the collateral dependent region.   Collagen and elastin from arterial wall are shown in green by second-harmonic generation (SHG) technique. From the movie, the tdTomato red iVPCs were engrafted into the blood vessel and it supported the function data of increased blood flow in the collateral dependent zone after cell treatment.